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Facelift By OBGYN?

With the current wave of “Alice in Wonderland” mania, a recent email from a friend reminded me of a scene in that classic book.  In that scene, Alice is talking to the caterpillar and he keeps asking her, “who are you?” This reminder, in my mind, led to my impressions of a current phenomenon I’ve been seeing and reading about lately regarding the business of plastic surgery. It occurred to me that it seemed apropos to ask any… Read the rest

Free Facelift Preview

Considering a Facelift? Here at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery, we like to give things away free if at all possible.  Since we almost never get that chance, after all, body sculpting tends to have many fixed costs associated with it, I thought I’d let everyone in on a little secret. Everyone considering facelift surgery wants to know what he or she will look like after the facelift surgery is performed.  It is only human nature that if… Read the rest

Plastic Surgery Best of 2009 – Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery

This is a belated summary of the big ideas and new procedures in the field of plastic surgery that were important in 2009.  2010 is in and who knows what it will bring in terms of plastic surgery innovation advances and controversy.  Everywhere you look there are best of lists: movies and music books television you name it.  I thought I would take a little time to go over my best in plastic surgery of 2009 list.  These are the… Read the rest