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Breast Implants, Complications, Capsular Contracture and Singulair

Breast augmentation, capsular contracture and Singulair were the subject of a recent article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal that cites a study that shows that Singulair improves capsular contracture in women with breast implants. 19 patients with breast implants were treated. 17 patients presented with capsular contracture from a variety of breast operations. Two patients who had a history of recurrent capsular contracture were given the medication prophylactically. 11% of the patients became worse 16% of patients had no… Read the rest

Breast Augmentation Takes Mad Skills

Breast augmentation surgery is beginning to pop up in the strangest places!  This includes your ear/nose/throat doctors, family doctors, general surgeons, emergency room doctors, and… just about everybody else who has an MD after his or her name.  Lots of doctors are trying their hand at the procedure as a way of supplementing their bottom line.  And why not?  Constantly in demand, breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic procedure. There’s even a $7,000 entry-level course being… Read the rest

Breast Augmentation Using The Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel Technique

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe and effective solution for women who want fuller and larger breasts but one of the biggest problems with breast augmentation has always been the risk of capsular contracture. It has always been a concern with breast augmentation and even now varies from 15 to 30% in some areas. In my practice I have been able to keep it below 5% with a combination of laser and or drug therapy. However, … Read the rest

Facelift By OBGYN?

With the current wave of “Alice in Wonderland” mania, a recent email from a friend reminded me of a scene in that classic book.  In that scene, Alice is talking to the caterpillar and he keeps asking her, “who are you?” This reminder, in my mind, led to my impressions of a current phenomenon I’ve been seeing and reading about lately regarding the business of plastic surgery. It occurred to me that it seemed apropos to ask any… Read the rest

Local Anesthesia, General or Sedation for Plastic Surgery?

There seems to be a trend of late, judging by what is out on the Web and in advertising, to promote plastic surgery procedures under local anesthesia…  only… nothing else… stone cold sober.  Nothing to make you feel relaxed, to take the edge off, nothing to soften or eliminate the sights, the sounds,  and other physical and emotional reactions to having a plastic surgery procedure performed on your body. Now, I do perform some plastic surgery procedures using… Read the rest

To Drain or Not to Drain That is the Question

In plastic surgery, there are a lot of opinions when talking about drains. Whenever I perform a breast augmentation at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery I use drains, then I leave the drains in.  These are little 1/8” plastic tubes with perforations on the side that pull out fluid from inside the space that was created for the breast implants.  They come out to a tiny 1/8” spot on the side of the breast and are generally removed within… Read the rest

Plastic Surgery Best of 2009 – Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery

This is a belated summary of the big ideas and new procedures in the field of plastic surgery that were important in 2009.  2010 is in and who knows what it will bring in terms of plastic surgery innovation advances and controversy.  Everywhere you look there are best of lists: movies and music books television you name it.  I thought I would take a little time to go over my best in plastic surgery of 2009 list.  These are the… Read the rest

Breast Implants: Saline or Silicone?

Breast  implants used in breast augmentation have been around since the 1960’s.  Over the years, breast implant technology has gotten better and better and breast implants have continued to improve.  So the breast implants currently available are the best in history.  But there are still a number of confusing issues.  The first is silicon or saline? Silicone breast implants were the most common implants for much of the history of breast implants.  Then about 15 years ago Connie Chung ran an… Read the rest

Capsular Contracture After Breast Implants, What is it?

Capsular contracture is the most common undesired outcome with breast augmentation. The rates are reported to be as high as 30%. In my practice Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery of Sacramento this is roughly 5%. Anatomically capsular contracture is the process of shrinkage of the scar tissue that normally forms around every breast implant. This is usually thin, about the thickness of a sheet of paper. Normally this leaves an enlarged pocket in which the beast implant can move around, or… Read the rest